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Auto rental at Tirana airport. Rent a car from Naniko

Tirana, with a populace of approximately of half a million habitants is the metropolis of Albania, also the most populous city. Geographically it takes a central position in the country’s territory and is situated in a valley surrounded by high mounts and close are the several lakes and a national park. The city was established in 1614, and in 1920 became the Albanian capital. Every year, Tirana is increasingly becoming a flourishing European cities and thus attracting more and more tourists. And the vicinity of the Mediterranean Sea, a multiplicity of museums and attractions ranks it amongst the most visited places in Europe.

The convenient location and availability of International Airport make Tirana a great place for the starting point of travel in different directions. Having a car hire at the airport in Tirana, you can easily get acquainted with the capital, surrounding area, also travel to other towns and places of interest. Naniko will provide you with the services anywhere in the country or at the airport by offering low fares, excellent service and reliable vehicles.

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International Airport has its official name in honor of Mother Teresa that although was from Calcutta, but was of Albanian origin. It is disposed 17 kilometers away from Tirana and is available via the new highway. It is very modern and well-maintained airport. Every hour from the airport express bus departs to the National Museum of Tirana. There is not the railway connection.

In the terminal provided a variety of services, there is an impressive number of restaurants, cafes and bars, a few shops. VIP lounge offers full business services, meeting rooms.

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