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The beautiful capital of Georgia, Tbilisi, annually receives many visitors, some of which come on business issues, and others as tourists to study this ancient and picturesque country. Even without leaving the city, you can visit the great monuments of culture and centuries-old architecture, and grand building of the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, known as Sameba built in the late twentieth century. Ancient symbolic elements of the capital are St George’s Cathedral, in the heart of the old city, and the ruins of the fortress Narikala of fourth century, as well as the equestrian statue of city founder of King Vakhtang Gorgasali.

A special treat will give you a tour if you have in your own disposition the car hired in Tbilisi, and without rely on public transport, will be able to move in any direction.

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Using our booking system, you will have an opportunity to easily select the right car or the desired service package on a different term of rentals, such as one way or the variety of special offers for corporate clients.

Our fleet is equipped with modern models of cars of different characteristics, for urban movements are compact and economical vehicles, for mountain trips – robust SUVs or minivans for family travel and vans for groups.
If you decide to travel from Tbilisi towards the coast line and then not coming back and take a fly from Batumi, we will provide an ideal opportunity of one way hire in which you can return the car to our nearest office on your way.

If necessary, you can also order accessories, such as snow chains, luggage baskets, ski holders, navigators, child seats and more.

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Rich cultural and historical heritage of Tbilisi offers endless opportunities of the visit of interesting places. There are buildings that survived from the time of foundation of the city, roots of which date back to the fourth and fifth centuries. From the ancient walls of the fortress Narikala, you can admire the magnificent views, covering almost the entire city. In the old city center you can see the evidence of the great tolerance of the Georgian people, namely, standing side by side religious buildings of different faiths, the churches, a synagogue and a mosque.

Here is also oldest in the city church Anchiskhati of sixth centenary and Sioni Cathedral, which houses a wooden cross of enlightener St. Nino.
The central Rustaveli Avenue, having a stroll, you can immerse yourself in a more modern atmosphere of cafes, restaurants and shops.

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