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Switzerland, placed in the center of Europe, is a comparatively small country. Albeit Switzerland does not have a formal capital, the federal city is Bern. Also large and important cities are Geneva, Zurich and Basel. This country attracts the numerous tourists by its beautiful nature. Alpine peaks as Eicher, Mönch and Jungfrau create an idyllic landscape, and travelers can enjoy the scenery of the mountain pastures and trails, also get pleasure of clean air. Blue lakes, lost in the whiteness of the snow, with their ice-cold water, in fact, pleasing view to the eye. Switzerland is famous for popular places for winter sports. Every year you can see here numerous skiers and snowboarders on the slopes of the Alps. Among the most popular winter resorts are Davos, St. Moritz and Zermatt.

Traveling on such a great country like Switzerland, it is a logical desire of many to provide itself with the needful mobility to be able to move seamlessly in any direction. It is thus reasonable to choose the car rent service in Switzerland offered from Naniko. The aim of our company is to make services available to the majority of customers by paying reasonable prices and to give exceptional service at the highest level.

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The main motivator for the formation of our services is to maintain high standards guarantee the exceptional price and innovative concepts to meet the transportation needs of our customers.

Our basic values of service are quality, respect for each client, responsibility for services and availability. These definitions reflect the desire of our staff, to meet customers’ request for mobility at the highest level, and demonstrate the standard of quality and professionalism of extraordinary service.

The diverse range of our services you ca select to rent a car with chauffeur. This option has unique standards characterized by reliability, promptness, confidentiality and attention to detail and ensure your comfort and safety.

List of the best services and rates for vehicle rental in Switzerland, will offer you the company Naniko!

In Switzerland, you can find lots of interesting places to visit that are quite different from each other. Zurich can please you by an abundance of green areas, because it is the most landscaped city in the country. Strolling in Bern can enjoy the atmosphere of the Middle Ages and admire its narrow streets and brick houses. Close to Schaffhausen you can admire breathtaking views of the Rhine Falls, with a height of 23 meters and the width – 150 m.

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