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Sweden is the Scandinavian country known for indescribable natural beauty. Here you can see the vast pine woods, numerous lakes and rivers, and on the other side – great cities, as the capital of Stockholm. Sports admirers can enjoy cycling and hiking, canoeing, and even take part in a ski safari!

In Sweden there is a great development of tourism and more people are choosing it as place of holidays.

Despite having the quite big territories, Sweden, according to the geographical position, is a sparsely populated country. The majority of the population is concentrated in big cities. With the opening of air routes of low cost, the flow of visitors has increased, and for travel around the country a most people prefer by economical auto for rent in Sweden, provided at affordable prices via Beach lovers will be able to get by car to places where you can go sailing and surfing, also find a variety of exciting entertainment.

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The land is inhabited by more than 9 million people, but the populace density is quite low, and 85% of the people are distributed in urban areas. Approximately 90% of the population are Swedes, others are Norwegians, Sami from Lapland and Finns.

Swedish culture is largely alike to the Danish and Norwegian. Traditional celebration in Sweden is the longest day that celebrates the arrival of summer. On April 30th people celebrate the return of spring. People gather around large bonfires and tell Swedish fairy tales, talk and sing. The holiday is called Walpurgis Night.

The Swedes are known as great sports enthusiasts and the most famous event is the Swedish Rally, during which the cars competing in the snow. There are also plenty of other sports that involve the Swedes, such as ice skating, soccer, cycling, athletics, and more.

Sweden also can be proud of such famous writers as Marianne Frederickson and Astrid Lindgren, famous for its story about a naughty little girl Pippi Longstocking. And, of course, Sweden is the birthplace of the beloved pop group ABBA.

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