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Car rental in Stuttgart. Rent a car at incredibly low prices from Naniko

Any traveler who wants to ignore the stress of public transport in Stuttgart, in the same time do not miss the chance to visit every corner of the wonderful city in complete freedom, prefer a comfortable and economical service of car rent in Stuttgart, taking advantage of convenient system of booking via As a result you get a perfect tool of movement and the ability to select any routes and destinations.

Of course, the most interesting area of ​​Stuttgart is its oldest part, disposed close to the Palace Square,in the center of which stands the Column of the Anniversary. From the same square are charming views of the Old and New castles and Royal Palace.

Always at your service a company Naniko with the best offers of auto rental in Stuttgart!

In our cars, you can also travel to neighboring countries with a special written permission from the company. If your plans do not include returning to the starting point, contact us and we’ll give you the address of nearest to you our office.

Pre-order is possible to carry out in the name of any person who for the moment of contract signing and receiving a vehicle must be present in person, by providing the required documents.

We have a range of available assistive devices that will give more comfort and reliability to your journey, such as the Navigator of the latest models, luggage baskets, child seats, ski racks and more. Take into account that the presence of such devices as car seats for children or snow chains, are also required by law.

In our prices are already provided the cost of auto insurance and all local taxes and therefore do not expect any hidden costs. Any value-added services are always listed separately and not included in the total price.

Some countries require a driver’s license of the international standard, especially if the document is issued in unreadable in the country language such as Arabic, Chinese or other.

There are also service of additional driver, you can specify both when booking or making the contract. Accordingly, you must provide his personal documents and data will also be included in the contract. Additional driver receives the same obligations as the principal.

Your exciting journey starts right now with a car rented in Stuttgart at the best rates from Naniko!

Stuttgart is the home of motoring perfection. It is here that were born the first car on four wheels, and the locals are very proud of this fact. Headquarters of major manufacturers such as Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and Maybach is located in Stuttgart. That is why this city is especially loved by fans of motorsport.

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