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Spain, which occupies a whole area of 504.782 km2, with a population of 40 million, is the largest country on the Iberian Peninsula, washed on one side by the Mediterranean Sea, and from another by Atlantic Ocean. Outside the Peninsula to the Spain also belong the Canary and Balearic Islands. Among the largest mountain ranges in Spain, of course, are the Pyrenees and the Sierra Nevada. The climatic conditions here are vary depending on the terrain, among which can be identified along the coast – a Mediterranean one with hot summers, and on the Atlantic coast a coastal climate. For the rest of territory is characteristic the continental climate.

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It is the liability of the lessee to provide with the proper personal documentation for registration of the lease agreement and receiving the car. It is necessary to take into account such nuances as the expiry dates of documents and driving license of the international standard, if necessary.

There are limitations in the driver’s age, which should be 21 year in order to implement the rental of car. More detailed information can be found in the germane section of our web-page or from our operators.

In the lease contract can be specified the additional drivers, consequently with the provision of his documents. The service is optional and has a certain price.

All our vehicles are indemnified for the maximum number of passengers, accordingly with the capacity of the model of cars. Our prices are already include the car insurance and all taxes.

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Discreet charm of the landscapes, cultural heritage and original cuisine make Spain a welcome place to relax. In big cities like Barcelona and Madrid, or other places, it is very convenient to travel by car, thanks to the excellent road network.

Each region of Spain is interesting in its own way, particular and with different characteristics. Catalonia with its center in Barcelona offers a wealth of attractions. Continuing the journey along the coast, you can reach Valencia in the same named region, which is a charming southern city. Here you can get to the festival of Fallas in March and spend time in the fun with fireworks.

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