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Do you know such an interesting fact that San Marino still has the oldest written constitution, created 1600 years ago? This small republic disposed on the Italian peninsula and its area is 61km², with a population of only 30 000 people. San Marino annually attracts many tourists and also the business people, as its economy is characterized by high stability. You can visit here the ultra modern shopping malls, there are interesting souvenir shops and high-end hotels.

International company Naniko offers you the opportunity reliable online system of booking through which you can order your desired auto for hire in San Marino, and for a much lower price and save a significant % of your budget. Our unique system responds quickly to the parameters you have set and gives the desired result in a few minutes. So that you do not even leaving home, can provide yourself with a convenient means of travel on this trip.

Let the company Naniko take care of you and provide with the most ideal conditions for auto rental in San Marino!

The proposed price initially contain the cost of car insurance, and all taxes and offered unlimited mileage and free roadside assistance.

Apart of the total rental amount, you also pay a deposit sum as a guarantee in the event of mechanical damage to the vehicle during the rental. The deposit is fully refundable if all the norms foreseen, at the end of the lease term.

Among the additional services offered accessories such as child seats for all ages of baby, navigators, winter accessories and more.

In order to drive the leased car in another country, you must have the original of the national driving license. If the document is issued in a language other than the Latin alphabet, you must have also the one of international standard.

Along with the required documents for pick up the car must carry a reservation voucher, as there are listed all the details of your order.

Minimum age required for lease is 21 years, and you must have driving practice for at least two years.

At the signing of the rental contract, you can specify additional drivers from among your fellow travelers, and the second driver will have the same powers and obligations as the main.

Best deals and super discounts of vehicle rental in San Marino you get from the company Naniko!

San Marino is the center and the main city of the republic. Here, among the historical sites you can visit three medieval towers, the Basilica del Santo, where preserved the relics of Marino, the church of San Francesco, the State Museum, the Theater of Titano and Liberty Square, where you can see the palace with a beautiful terrace on the roof. You can also spend a great day surrounded by nature, near the Mount Titano.

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