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The San Marino is the 3rd state in Europe for its small dimensions after the Vatican and Monaco. As legend says, it was established in 301 by stonecutter Marino, who had fled from religious persecution of Diocletian. It is considered as oldest republic in the world. In the Middle Ages here a municipal law was passed, and in many aspects is used to this day, and since San Marino has always had its independence for centuries. Currently, the state is divided into nine city castles, of which San Marino is the capital. Spectacular architecture and ancient atmosphere immediately charms visitors from the moment of arrival.

If you made a decision to hire a car in San Marino, in order to arrange everything perfectly, and at the high level, it is reasonable to apply to site where offered many options and packages. Visiting San Marino, you can open up a whole new chapter of travel with the convenience of your own transport, and without limitation, discover new places and enjoy all the charm of folklore and culture.

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Your order will be confirmed within a few hours after the finishing of the reservation. Take into consideration that it is desirable to carry out a reservation 24 hours prior of your arrival, so that we can have the enough period for the timely delivery of the vehicle.

Ordered services you can pay when booking or directly in our office. The rental price already included taxes and car insurance.

In most cases, our vehicles can cross the border of the country, after specifying all the conditions at the signing of the contract.

Two days earlier of the starting of the lease, you can freely modify or annul your reservation, please note that the correction of the length of the rental period or car model may also entail changes in the total amount.

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Traveling to San Marino you can explore the region of Montefeltro and Rimini province, stopping at picturesque villages to eat in the local taverns where served rural cuisine.

The town is pretty small and it is easy to see even in one day, to admire the scenery, the green and sunny expanses and visit interesting museums and castles. To enter to the town fortress can through the gate of San Francesco. Amongst the interesting places to visit, you can note the Museum of Torture, consisting of three floors, connected by a spiral stairway which demonstrates various torture methods, many of which are truly horrifying, such as torture of drops, Spanish spiders and other special devices.

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