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Car rental in Reykjavik. Useful Information for rent a car from Naniko

Reykjavik is the northernmost of the world capitals, located on the southwest coast of Iceland. This amazing city seems trapped between two worlds, one of which is actively moving toward progress and modernity, and the other is in harmony with the natural splendor. Reykjavik called the bay of vapor because of the presence of sources of steam from the earth, which was exploited by the Vikings, and today is used as a heating. Being here you absolutely have to visit the thermal pools, so much loved by Icelanders.

Thanks to the modern road network is very convenient and economic to move around the island on car rented in Reykjavik. Even taking into account the fact that some internal roads cannot meet all European standards, driving here makes no trouble and much cheaper than the use of other means of transport.

Explore the northern capital in full comfort of auto rental in Reykjavik, provided by the company Naniko!

Initially, rented a car for a certain period, you can always extend the lease terms if necessary. Thus it is necessary to notify us of your intention for a couple of days before the end of the rental period. Thus, it will be stored all the previous conditions of the contract.

The payment of services can be made by credit card, bank transfer and cash directly in our office.

At reception of car is required to present personal documents, such as passport, valid driver’s license, also the reservation voucher, specifying the details of your order.

The requirements for driver’s license in Iceland similar, as in all European countries. Only if a document is not issued in Latin, you must also have the one of international standard.

The rental price, provided you originally have included all taxes, compulsory car insurance, unlimited mileage and roadside assistance when unexpected breakdowns.

You can order a delivery of auto in the desired location, for example in the Keflavik International Airport, to any address in Reykjavik, or in another city.

Create your ideal route with vehicle rental in Reykjavik at the best prices on Naniko!

When driving a car in Iceland there can be some peculiarities, about which better to be informed and take them into account always during the motion. Be cautious in the wetland area. When driving on country roads you need to be attentive to the appearance of animals on the road, especially of sheep. Opening the door of the car, keep in mind that there may be strong winds. It can be acceptable the shortness of traction, where meet a mixture of stones and gravel.
Here, everywhere you can enjoy a truly unique attractions, which include the thermal baths in the Blue Lagoon.

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