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Car rental in Reykjavik Airport. Compare the rates of rent a car by Naniko

Iceland is a colorful island, full of vitality, and its capital Reykjavik has a high level of urban development with a complex system of periphery. Reykjavik is a pearl in the tourist industry in Iceland, offering a huge variety of attractions where you can see whales, visit the geothermal pools, parks and the natural lakes of magnificent beauty, glaciers and scenic spots. Glitzy is an architecture of old buildings in Reykjavik, in a word, this is the place, which worth visiting at least once in life.

For greater ease of movement and independent choice of routes, many are increasingly choosing services of auto rent at Reykjavik airport, and so you will plan your day on your own, filled with adventures. Through a tour of Reykjavik, you can discover a lot of interesting eternal buildings of the past, such as Alpingi or Cathedral of Reykjavik, which is known for its collection of paintings of 18th century.

Get pleasure of active trip on auto rented at the airport of Reykjavik with perfect tariffs by Naniko!

With a very flexible system of relationships with customers, also aimed at their maximum comfort, we leave the choice of payment method at your preference, whether it is bank transfer or directly at our offices.

Confirmation of your order – reservation voucher, you will receive within some hours. It must print out and carry with you in the reception of the vehicle.

In order to receive the car it is essential to have the originals of documents as passport and driving license and a voucher that contains specific information about all the nuances of your order.

Accessories such as a navigation system, children’s car seats, luggage baskets, chains and more can be ordered and paid at time of booking or at our offices.

Initially given prices include the cost of insurance and taxes, so there is no need to expect any hidden costs. Any value-added services specified separately and you can always give them up if something does not suit you.

Always at the service of your comfort is a company Naniko, providing the best conditions of vehicle rental in the airport of Keflavik in Reykjavik!

International Airport of Keflavik is located 40 km from Reykjavik. From here you can take advantage of a shuttle service to the central bus station and the bus on the way makes a lot of stops at various hotels. Taxi services are quite expensive.

From Keflavik Airport are made direct flights to major European and American cities. There are also lower- priced flights to Copenhagen and London-Stansted and other directions.

In addition, close to the center, there is a small airport, is mainly intended for domestic flights, also to Greenland and the Faroe Islands.


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