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Auto rental in Prague. The favorable conditions of rent a car by Naniko

The beauteous metropolis of the Czech Republic always was a brisk city that attracted many tourists. Its medieval center is strewn with towers and spires. Lengthwise of Charles Bridge, you can see various statues of saints, meanwhile, on the other part you will be attracted by elegant Baroque of Lesser Town, where behind of it, on a hill is a towering castle

Since the communism’s fall the number of inhabitants of Prague decreased markedly. The changes that followed the introduction of the new system of life has led to an increase in the cost of living and, consequently, a drop in the birth rate. Today, the city’s populace is about 1.3 million people.

Prague lies on the banks of the Vltava River, which splits up it into two parts. Both sides are linked by numerous bridges.

To make your trip more memorable, without losing the possibility to visit most of the monuments and facilities in the free mode, just need to hire a car in Prague and plunge yourself into the past and present of this place. Today, it is the best and economical way to travel, whatever the purpose of your visit.

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If you need to make changes related to the type of vehicle, or the duration of the rental period, you can always do so by contacting our support center. Your request for changes will be considered as soon as possible and you will be provided with the available options. It should be noted that any adjustment of the order may change as the total cost of rent, according to the type of car and the number of days.

When receiving a car, you need to provide booking voucher with details about your order, passport, driver’s license, as well as make sure that the car does not have any external damage and check how to operate the signal, lights, wipers.

In our proposed tariffs are already taken into account the cost of car insurance and VAT, and you do not need to fear that you will find any hidden extra charges. The cost of additional services, such as accessories, service of drivers and other are always listed separately.

Among the many benefits, you also get unlimited mileage from the company that will allow you to choose without limitation any routes.

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In different milestones of its history Prague was a muse for artists and writers, and over time has confirmed its image of one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Visiting the city. once you can see the world’s largest medieval castle with towers, dominating the other buildings and the Cathedral of St. Vitus. And the Charles Bridge is a perfect symbol of the city.