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Rent a car in the city of dreams of Paris. Auto rental with Naniko

Spectacular symbol of romance – Paris, appears as a unique combination of art and culture, history and architecture, luxury boutiques and gourmet cuisine. The town is crossed by the river Seine, on both sides of which there are very different areas in its style and architectural features. Right-bank city is the economic, political and financial center, while on the left bank presented the cultural attractions. Here you can see the great Gothic cathedrals complemented by modern art masterpieces that can be admired not only in the Louvre and Orsay Museum, but in more than 150 museums of the city.

An international company Naniko has many offices of auto hire in Paris as the entire country and, in particular, at different points in the city and its airports. With the disposition of the car you will get an easy access to Disneyland and will be able to explore the surrounding area in complete freedom.

The most economical fares and high level of service from Naniko offered for car rental in Paris!

We accept all payment methods, whether it is bank transfer or cash payment in our office in the respective local currency. Choose payment method according of your preference.

Auxiliary accessories such as child seats, GPS, snow chains, ski holders and the other can be selected when booking or in our office and also pay for them in the same place.

If your trip is planned to be extended or for any other reason, you can share the pleasure of driving with a companion, pointing another person as an additional driver.

If your plans include traveling outside of the country of rent, with prior approval, you can cross borders on our vehicles. To do this, you will be provided by a special notarized permit from the company.

The fuel issue may be resolved in accordance with the different options, the most suitable to both parties. In most cases, the most effective and acceptable options are full-full of full- or empty.

Travel with style at the elegant vehicle rented in Paris provided with the best prices by Naniko!

Paris is so extraordinary that even just walking on the streets, it is already possible to enjoy its ancient and modern monuments, which for many decades have made it the most visited city in the world: Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and the Pantheon, where the remains of some of the famous people of France, are the most recognizable symbol of Paris.
With its two million inhabitants, Paris is known for its multi-ethnic society. Since medieval times, the city was an attractive place for immigrants.

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