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Car rental in Palermo. The best offers of rent a car by Naniko

Because of its interesting location Palermo for centuries was a land that conquered by different peoples, each of which left evidence of their existence here through monuments, buildings that now in ruins, and that make the city so fascinating. Here you can admire the monuments scattered around the city, created in the eighteenth century by masters of Palermo, such as the Oratory of San Filippo, St. Mary’s Church, Comitini Palace and more.

Moving on car rented in Palermo opens the possibility to cross the Conca d’Oro plain on which spread the city and called Golden Shell in connection with the typical colors of citrus, once dominated the landscape. By auto hired by Naniko one can visit archaeological sites, prehistoric caves and the remains of Paleolithic as the cave Niscemi.

Discover the meeting place of the Mediterranean and Europe with car hired in Palermo at the best rates with Naniko!

When receiving a car you must provide of identity document, driver’s license and credit card.

In many countries is required the international standard of driving license, particularly if they are issued in a language other than the Latin alphabet.

All prices of our cars are presented with insurance coverage, and local taxes.
For the convenience of our customers we provide the car with a full fuel tank, which also means the return of car with the same quantity of fuel, otherwise the cost of a full tank must be paid at our office.
The list of supporting accessories can be selected at our office or via web-page, navigators, ski holders, snow chains, child seats and more.
When traveling with a group of people, for your comfort, you can specify the additional driver from your companions.

We have a service of car delivery at desired for you address or to the airport. It is necessary to specify the details of your flight to ensure that we will possess the necessary information in case of flight delays.

If your travel itinerary runs through several countries, by our cars you can easily cross the border of another country, pre-agreed with us about this issue.

Delightful island routes with easy access by vehicle rental in Palermo from Naniko!

Palermo and surrounding regions have kept their traditions, despite the various historical events, often of a religious nature. Therefore, in different locations, you can get to the interesting traditional festivals. In a small village near Palermo Altavilla Milicia, in September, there is the feast of Our Lady of Loreto, the most important holiday in the western Sicily.

Ancient Markets are the places where you can discover the traditions of the people observing the pulsating life there. Vucciria is an oldest and most popular market.

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