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Rent a car in Odessa. Favorable prices for auto rental from Naniko

Odessa is Ukraine’s southern city, known for its wonderful beaches and momentous monuments. It is also a major center of the Crimea. In this ancient city is a big Jewish community, and as a whole has a populace of about a million inhabitants, and with the surrounding areas reaches more than two million. Odessa is disposed at the entrance to the Black Sea, between the mouths of the rivers Dnieper and Dniester, was already known in the times of the ancient Greeks and was their colony. For a better understanding of the region and the whole country would better to visit museums such as the archaeological, historical, ethnographic, and several art galleries.

You can take care of getting the vehicle rented in Odessa at the place of arrival thanks to the perfect services by Naniko. With availability of the car you are free and able to comfortably move around the city and explore its most secret little corners without depending on any of the public transport or taxi.

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A broad range of models and vehicle classes provided in our fleet, from small and comfy for town maneuvers and parking, reliable SUVs, elegant sedans and roomy minivans.

You will always find the lowest prices, which are already taken into account the full cost of auto insurance and taxes, without any hidden costs.

The great advantage for the achievement of all routes is provided by unlimited mileage and always ready to help the technical team in the event of unforeseen traffic problems.

For greater convenience and safety of your way when booking or at the reception of the car, can be ordered such accessories, as snow chains, child seats, Navigators, ski holders and much more.

We also offer service of skilled and professional drivers who speak foreign languages and have an excellent knowledge of local routes.

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From logistics point of view Odessa is the center of the intersection of the major rail and road links, as well as an important trading port. The town has a modern shape and style represented by wide streets and green areas and parks.

In cultural terms, it is also important the fact that there are several universities, conservatory, art gallery, museums and libraries, as well as an astronomical observatory.

Well-developed is an industrial sector, mainly the chemical industry, machine building, shipbuilding and oil refining.

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