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Each country, a part of mass of details and features has something quite special and characteristic, so recognizable in the world. For the Netherlands, these are the features of the famous tulips, wooden shoes and windmills. Certainly, the Netherlands have much more to offer visitors. In general, the landscape is mostly flat, although the sceneries are very different. Here you can enjoy a walk along the canals or take a breath of sea air of the coast. The Dutch people are very friendly and most of them speak good in English.

To reach all the interesting places, most travelers prefer the presence of auto rent in the Netherlands, which provides an excellent opportunity to travel in complete freedom and without any restrictions of public transport routes.

Explore the unforgettable places with facilities of auto rental in the Netherlands, on favorable conditions from the Naniko!

When receiving the main driver of a vehicle shall provide the payment card in his own name, with a positive balance sufficient to cover the deposit. The main driver, as well as additional drivers must present a driver’s license and passport.

Specific attention should be paid to the driver’s license, which must have leastways one year shelf life. If the document is not issued in the Latin alphabet, you will need a license of international standart.

You can change your reservations two days before the commencement of the lease. It should be remembered that the change may also entail changes in the total amount due to the difference of the duration of the lease or the type of vehicle.

Although the prices of Naniko initially include all taxes and insurance costs and remain the same, any additional services, such as drivers services, auxiliary accessories or other, have their own separate value.

Additional accessories such as child seats, GPS, snow chains, ski racks and more can be booked and paid for when booking or directly in our office.

The range of special offers and discounts from Naniko waiting for you when booking a vehicle rental in Netherlands!

To date, the total area of the Netherlands is about 41,500 square kilometers, and additionally to the mainland, it contains also several northern islands. The most important geographical aspect is the flatness of the country in connection with what it called the Netherlands, which means low countries. About half of the surface is one meter below sea level, which creates the danger of flooding, but the water level is under systematic control via pump stations.

The highest point in the Netherlands at the level of 321 meters – the mountain Vaalsberg, and the lowest point Zuidplaspolder, 7 meters below sea level.


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