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Car hire in Munich in Bavaria. Rent a car with Naniko

Placed at the foot of the Alps, Munich apart of being the third largest city in Germany is also the center of Bavaria. Thanks to the many cultural attractions and natural resources, Munich is a popular place for tourists. Its historic center is presented as an open air museum because of the abundance of wonderful historical buildings and monuments. On Marienplatz in the winter you can visit the fiery Christmas market, and in the summer enjoy the art of street musicians. Here can be admired the old and new Town Halls. Old Town Hall was constructed in 1400 and its towers today houses the Toy Museum.

Very important to plan your trip wisely and to provide yourself with the convenience of auto hire in Munich, to discover and enjoy all the contrasts of this beautiful city. Munich, which was almost completely destroyed at the time of the Second World War and virtually risen from the ashes, today offers a lot of interesting, the variety of architectural styles.

Enjoy perfectly planned trip by the car rented in Munich at the lowest rates from Naniko!

Often, for car renting there are the limits in the driver’s age, which usually must be at least 21 years, with the practice of driving of two years. Any details you can get from our courteous operators.

Rental period is part from the calculation of 24 hours. Initially agreed and the indicated in contract lease term can always be extended. It is important to inform us a couple of days prior the deadline to be able to keep the same car model and, consequently, the daily rate.

It may be very interesting for many the option of one way rental, especially if you have planned a linear route through several cities and do not intend to go back to the starting point. In this case, you just need to arrange the return of cars to a nearby our office.

Special devices for comfort and safety, such as child seats, Navigators, luggage baskets and more can be ordered and paid for on-site reception of the vehicle.

Favorable conditions and unlimited mileage you will get from Naniko when renting a vehicle in Munich!

Amongst the emblematic edifices of the city is the Frauenkirche, the Cathedral, which was built in 1400, with the recognizable red brick roof and tall towers. In connection with this cathedral there is a legend that says that the architect of the cathedral bet with the devil himself, that he could build a cathedral without windows. When construction was completed, the devil came back and found that in fact there were no windows, while inside the building there is enough daylight. In fact, the windows have been incorporated so that were covered by columns and seemed invisible.

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