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Auto Rental at Munich airport. Rent a car at the lowest rates by Naniko

The famous Oktoberfest annually attracts millions of visitors to Munich. But, of course, it is not the only reason that Munich is amongst the most attractive tourist destinations, but also countless attractions and historical monuments are the reason for this. Most of the historic buildings have undergone complete reconstruction after the devastation of World War II, and only a few escaped the bombing, and among them is a great Cathedral of Our Lady of the 17th centenary of the Gothic style. The oldest church in Munich is the Cathedral of St. Peter near the Marienplatz. Inside it has a beautiful altar. Special fact that the crown of the statue of St. Peter is removable in the event of the death of the Pope, and at the election of a new, erected back during the ceremony.

If your path lies in Munich for active holidays or on business matters, it would be reasonable to consider the opportunity of renting a car at Munich Airport, which you can book in advance through the website of

It does not ever be so comfortable to travel as by car rented at Munich Airport on ideal conditions by Naniko!

If desired, you can find in our fleet sedans, wagons, city cars, SUVs or minivans for small groups. For any of your goals, we can help you find an appropriate vehicle.

We also can provide a car delivery service to any your address or place of arrival at the airport or train station.

For those who are planning to travel to neighboring countries, we can announce that by our vehicles one can cross the country’s border with prior written permission from the company.

If you need to change your order, choose another model of car, or make a correction of date of lease, you do not have any additional costs or penalties, only need to do this for two days prior the starting date of the lease.

When a group trip or long routes, many people prefer to share the pleasure of driving a car with other fellow travelers. To do this, you can initially specify the additional driver, with the presentation of his documents and the corresponding payment.

It is easy and cheap to get the best service of car rental from the airport of Munich by Naniko!

Munich International Airport is officially named after Josef Strauss and is the second most significant airport of the country. Every year here are served about 30 million passengers. The airport is 28 km away from the city and access to it is provided by the train and bus lines.

In the terminals are available many bars, restaurants and shops. Periodically here hosts major events and exhibitions. There is a business center where you can enjoy a range of exclusive services.

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