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The circumstance that the Lviv is fully included in the World Heritage List, says about its immense value and also contributes to tourism development and improvement of the annual flow of visitors. The city’s history dates back to the thirteenth century, when the prince Galich founded it and named it after his son Leo. Initially, it was a commercial center and its border location also determined his fate as an attractive place for the invasions of different empires, kingdoms and nations.

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With the comfort of a personal car, you can discover the wonderful city in an absolutely new light, moving in full independence and in your sole discretion. In the city center you can visit the Market square, where there is the most beautiful buildings in all of Ukraine. Structures refer to the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries and were the possessions of the rich merchants of the town. Also in this region are located the Town Hall Square, the Opera, the University and the former Parliament.

St. George’s Cathedral is a splendid example of Gothic architecture of the XIV century.

For viewing the beautiful scenery and panoramic views of Lviv, better to visit the highest point of the city, which is called the High Castle, located on the mountain. In addition to beautiful nature and greenery that dominates here, you can also see the ruins of an ancient fortification that stretches around the territory of almost the entire city.

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