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Car hire in Lviv airport. Auto Rental with international company Naniko

Lviv is called the cultural heart of the Ukraine and obviously it is. According to the circumstance that the city has a multicultural origins, architecture is represented in all its diversity and splendor and Lviv is also rich in irresistible culinary traditions.

Being a charming city to visit, Lviv is also an ideal starting point for further travel to different domestic destinations. If you have wisely decided to organize for your trip an auto hiring at the airport in Lviv, you can securely make it via the convenient online booking system on and get your car directly at arrival and easily reach every corner of the town at any time of the day. Then it will be easier to make a list of routes on which you desire to follow having in disposition an independent and comfortable means of travel. As a cultural center of the country, Lviv offers many interesting art galleries and museums.

Navigate to interesting places with facilities of car rental at Lviv airport by taking advantage of low tariffs of Naniko!

With extensive practice in the rental market, Naniko can provide services at the lowest rates, despite the fact that our prices already fully include the cost of insurance and taxes.

Every day we get a performance, market trends, and always strive to provide our clients with the preferred deals for each category of vehicle, the special conditions for corporate and private clients, and frequent and seasonal discounts.

From a company you can always get the support and assistance on the road and the service is available 24 hours a day, and also at your disposal an unlimited mileage.

A variety of packages will facilitate you a question of choice, according to your needs. So here you will find a long or short-term rental, rent to one side, and other types of leasing.

Regardless of the type of your trip, in our parkland you will find the desired car among the different models, both small and cheap cars for trips around the city, elegant sedans or SUVs or large size vans.

If you choose a small car, which not so much space for your stuff, use a luggage basket. Also available other auxiliary devices such as navigators, child seats and more that you can order separately.

About the comfort of your journey will take care the company Naniko, providing rent a car in Lviv airport at the best price!

Lviv airport serves a certain number of flights in different directions, flying every week. It is 6 km distant from the center of Lviv.

Previously it was known as Sknyliv. The airport is in the process of expansion, in this connection exists a project that includes the addition of 700 meters of runway and building of a new terminal.

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