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Best deals of Rent a car in London. Low cost car rental by international company Naniko

London, with a population of 14 million people, is the capital of the UK, also one of the most visited cities in the world. In the words of famous Samuel Johnson’s, if a man is tired of London, it means that he is tired of life. This laconic phrase immediately gives an idea of ​​the volume of dynamism and enormous potential of this city where you can find everything!

Rent a car in London, you will have a great opportunity to see the maximum number of exciting places, the most famous buildings and monuments of the capital. Those undoubtedly are the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, also the great cathedrals and Westminster Abbey, where British kings from ancient times were crowned.

Super attractive low rates for auto rental in London, by the international service provider – Naniko!

Via the web-site of Naniko you can in a few minutes book a desired vehicle, whether it is economy class cars, sedan, SUV or roomy minivan.

To rent the driver must be at least 21 years with the practice of driving of two years. Our company, unlike other service providers and agencies, do not require any additional fee for young driver.

In the spectrum of services have the option of an additional driver that when you make a contract should submit his documents and he gets the same rights and obligations as the main driver.

Upon receipt of the vehicle must also pay the amount of the deposit, which will be blocked for the period of leasing and returned at the end of the term in full, if all the rules and conditions will be met in accordance with the contract.

The list of auxiliary accessories includes child seats on the weight categories of the child, navigators, luggage baskets, ski racks and more.

For the period of the lease with you always need to have a valid driver’s license and passport. If the license is issued not in Latin characters, as for example in Arabic, Greek, Russian or Chinese, will also require the existence of this document of international standard.

Upon arrival also need to present the voucher of reservation which contains important information about your order.

Always at your choice the best service and low prices of Naniko for vehicle rental in London!

In fact, in London you can walk endlessly without feeling tired. It is a pleasant stroll through Trafalgar Square, where you can see majestic monuments and columns, a monument dedicated to Admiral Nelson, then reaching the Piccadilly Circus, to go shopping at Harrods, Portobello Road and Oxford Street. Another interesting visit to the downtown area, with its palaces and modern architecture. A small cruise on the Thames will provide a great overview of the city, as well as the magnificent view from the review wheel of London Eye, which is one of the symbols of London.

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