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Car rental at London City Airport. Useful information for Rent a car with Naniko

London is a metropolis where life rages in all its manifestations and various activities. This is a major international business center. And the presence of well-known universities and an impressive number of colleges are also actively promotes to this fact. The system of transport in London is subject to constant growth. London City Airport is quite famous and very effectively used by business people because it is very convenient for its vicinity to London’s financial district. But lately it has been actively used by other categories of travelers. Due to the small dimensions its annual traffic is not very high.

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Despite its small size, the airport is used effectively by many travelers and the authorities of London are planning its expansion, which will serve about 18 million passengers a year. It’s quite an impressive turnover.

The terminal is equipped with a 22 registration desks and has a total of 18 large departure gates. At the terminal, provided range of services of high quality, the offices of some of the major banks and ATM, by which entrepreneurs can accelerate the financial transactions.

This international airport is disposed on the site of the former dock.

Coming out of the airport, just in 1.5 km can be found Brick Lane Music Hall, theater, unique in its kind where you can get great pleasure when viewing humorous performances. Here, near is the Museum of the Royal Artillery, where you can get acquainted with the real history of artillery and admire the rich collections of national importance.

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