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The main city of Slovenia, Ljubljana, has retained its originality, in fact, it is not similar to any capitals of Western Europe, in contrast to which it is not turned into a bustling metropolis. Exactly by this fact Ljubljana has won the hearts of many, who at least once visited it. People who prefer a quiet holiday, will be able to stroll along the cobbled alleys, relax in the pleasant atmosphere of the parks and gardens. And to get the maximum comfort of your stay here, the best choice would be to rent a car in Ljubljana, and calmly and without haste, you can plan visits to the main tourist attractions.

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Generally, it is required by law the obligation of having the special car seats if you travel with children. In the spectrum of assistive devices offered seats for children of different height and weight of the child, also the various of other accessories such as snow chains, navigators, ski racks, etc.
At the time of receiving the vehicle you must present a passport, a driver’s license with a shelf-life of at least one year. In cases when the license is not issued in the Latin alphabet, it should also be a document of international standard.

Note also be in possession of a voucher of the reservation, because it contains detailed information about your order and is a confirmation of your reservation.

We offer exclusive prices with included taxes and basic insurance, periodic discounts and best adapted to the needs of clients conditions.

You always get millage without restrictions and roadside assistance if the happens unexpected failure. Our technical support team is available around the clock.

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After the conquest by the Romans, who gave it the name of Emona Ljubljana was occupied by the Habsburgs, who in their turn renamed it the White Ljubljana because of the bright colors of its buildings. Here, in the lively colorful places you can imagine the picture of fights between knights and medieval fair in Ljubljana Castle. It is also interesting to follow the route of religious tourism from St. Nicholas Cathedral to the church of the Franciscans, and to know the architectural style of churches.
For gourmets there are a lot of different tempting dishes of national cuisine, which is mostly made from natural products. It provides a combination of culinary traditions of the Alpine, Mediterranean and Pannonian. It is impossible not to try the sausage Carniolan, local polenta, Karst ham and delicious desserts such as potica, Prekmurska and gibanica.

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