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The best solution of car rental in Lisbon – Rent a car with Naniko

Lisbon being a metropolis of Portugal, with a populace of approximately 600,000 inhabitants, is a city full of charm and interesting history. Its current residents are the descendants of generations of sailors. Because of its splendor and captivating style of Baroque and Manueline, Lisbon is among the most visited place in the world. It is disposed on Togo, near the Atlantic shore and is full of all kinds of attractions for visitors and locals. Barry, placed at the top of the city, gives the possibility to enjoy unparalleled views of the narrow streets and ancient monuments. It is interesting to visit the botanical garden in the park of Edward VII, also the castle São Jorge, which is placed on the territory of the ancient acropolis.

As the scale of the city is quite large and the of places of interest are innumerous, it is recommended to take benefit of perfect service of Rent a car in Lisbon, which is provided from Naniko at lowest prices. Saving you time and money, you’ll be able to travel comfortably on your own preferences.

Navigate through the metropolitan area with facilities of auto rental in Lisbon offered at perfect tariffs by Naniko!

Upon completion of the booking you will get a voucher confirming all the details of your order. If at a certain time you have not received it, you are free to contact our operators who to double-check the needed information.

Our prices are offered with comprised fees and insurance, so no hidden costs you should not expect. Any additional services, such as chauffer service, auxiliary devices or other have their own value and are shown separately.

In our cars you can cross the country in the presence of a special written permission from our company.

The lease term is always possible to extend for desired period of time, it is essential to inform us about your intention for a couple of days in advance.

The fuel policy of the company is managed in accordance with the options, with the consent of both parties. This may be a variant of a full tank – full, full – empty, with payment value or empty – empty.

Annul or amend your order may at any time, free of charge, but two days before the start date of the lease.

When receiving a car as there is a need to pay a deposit, which remains in the company until the end of the rental period, in case of unforeseen damage to the vehicle. When the car will be returned in its original condition the deposit will be fully refunded to you.

Super prices and unlimited mileage from Naniko await for you when rent a car in Lisbon!

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