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Krakow is the hometown of Pope Wojtyla, is a real gem and a treasury of Poland. Its beautiful medieval center is surrounded by a park, which runs along the ancient city walls and old narrow streets lead to a huge and ancient square of Rynek Glowny. In the ancient Palace of tissue is the famous Sukiennice, which is an indoor market of handicraft works and amber, and above it is a gallery of paintings and a few cafes, which were visited by young Lenin. In an underground area is modern multimedia museum and a magnificent church of the fourteenth century, dedicated to the Virgin Mary, is the oldest religious site of the town.

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There are so many things that can be seen in the center of this lovely city, and amongst them should be noted the Royal Palace and the Cathedral, towering on the hill and offering the breathtaking views of the city. From here originates the street on which are the churches of Saints Peter and Paul and the Monastery.
An interesting visit of the Jewish quarter, which is currently the most fashionable place in town where a typical Jewish sites stored and where there is a synagogue, which houses a museum of the Holocaust.
By the rented car in Krakow can be reached neighborhoods of New Hut, built on the principles of socialist architecture. A few kilometers from the Krakow is the ancient Czestochowa and sorrowfully famous death camp of Auschwitz.

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