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Rent a Car in Kazakhstan. Information on car rental by Naniko

Kazakhstan due to its scale ranks as the 9th country in the world. Most of its territory is flat and has a hilly deserts and semi-desert, there is also an extensive part around the Caspian Sea placed below sea level. The country is surrounded by several mountain ranges, in particular, the mountain chain of the Tien Shan, and the highest peaks between 4000 and 5000 are Alatau and Altai.

Kazakhstan is a very interesting country to visit, disposed in the core of Asia, with extensive steppes and cities, telling about the long history of the nation. Get free access to all routes is possible in the presence of an auto for rent in Kazakhstan in order that your trip to this amazing region, along with the interesting discoveries, would be also the most enjoyable and economical.

A fascinating country, and vast areas are easily accessible by auto rental in Kazakhstan at the best rates from Naniko!

Constantly analyzing the market of rental, we are able always provide with the most competitive and low tariffs with already included taxes and the cost of insurance, so you will undoubtedly find here your perfect car at an unbeatable price.

In the range of our fleet contributed to the choice the variety of vehicles like the thrifty subcompact, sedans, SUVs and minivans with a spacious cabin for passengers and luggage space.

Any additional services can be selected on our website and even upon arrival, and also can be paid at the time of the car delivery.

Presented at your choice also the auxiliary devices, such as a child seat, GPS navigation, ski racks and more. For a more detailed list or information please visit the appropriate section on the web-page, or get the information from our operators.

Enjoy your holiday with the best car rental services in Kazakhstan, choosing cheap prices from Naniko!

Kazakhstan is intersected by several major rivers, the most significant of which is the Ishim River and its inflows, as well as the area is rich in lakes. The climate is dry, continental generally continental with a quite weak precipitation mainly in the mountainous regions. The difference between winter and summer temperatures is essential. In winter, often characterized by intense winds.

Thanks to the rent a car service in Kazakhstan will be easier to visit many parts of the country, to visit exciting tourist spots and enjoy the natural splendor. Not far from Almaty can visit prevailing mountainous areas of Trans-Ili Alatau, which is amongst the largest skating rinks and most popular ski resort in all of Central Asia. Also in the summer a lot of interesting promises a trip to these places, where many hiking trails for mountain hikes.


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