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How to discover the best car rental in Ireland. Rent a car with Naniko

Ireland called the Emerald Isle is a true paradise for vacationers. Here everyone can find fun to own taste from a trip along the mighty Shannon to dancing at nightclubs in Dublin. Irish landscapes give an impression of a mythical and romantic forces, where the scenic green hills and stunning mountains combined with the beautiful beaches and tempestuous rivers. The metropolis Dublin, in its turn, is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city, with the atmosphere inspiring a feeling of joyful music, and is amongst the most attractive places in Europe for leisure or for business affairs.

It is advantageous for the visit to the country to contact with the company Naniko, offering rental of cars in Ireland at the lowest prices. You can get our services throughout the country, including Dublin, Cork, in the airports of major cities, and with the flexibility and comfortably explore the wonderful country at your own preferences.

Get the most out of the low prices of auto rental in Ireland from an international company of Naniko!

Among the additional services you can select an additional driver if you desire to share the pleasure of driving a car with your fellow travelers. To do this, you need to provide his personal documents and he gets the same powers and obligations as the main driver.

In the vast range of our fleet you can find any desired car model, but if it happens that a particular vehicle is not available at this time, we will offer you a car of the same category and data.

The contract of lease, in addition to the basic cost of services, contains the deposit amount, calculated as a guarantee in case of any unforeseen expenses or mechanical damage to the vehicle. Deposit is subject to a full refund at the final of rental period, subject to all rules and conditions.

The car, which you ordered can be delivered at the place of your arrival, for example at the airport or at any your address.

At the appropriate season winter tires are available for free, but other accessories such as ski racks, snow chains, as well as navigators, luggage baskets and more are the additional options and can be ordered and paid for in our offices.

Inexhaustible benefits on vehicle rent in Ireland will be provided foe you by international company Naniko!

In addition to all the charms, Ireland is also famous for the boundless hospitality and cheerful nature of its residents. Cork is the second largest city in Ireland, is renowned for its marvelous cathedrals and chapels. Lovers of outdoor activities can choose the fabulous routs of fishing, diving, cycling and more. If you have in disposition car rented in Ireland, you can discover a great world of possibilities!

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