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France, disposed in Western Europe is a land of impressive size and is known for its charm, which attracts millions of tourists each year. It has everything: magnificent forests and famous beaches, art and fashion, delicatessen food and wonderful atmosphere of romanticism in general. The centuries-old history of the French people is well preserved, and anyone can admire it by visiting the numerous castles, fortresses and churches. France is also the country of a largest economy, which is also the cause of the influx of business people.

The benefits of the most appropriate and cost-effective way of moving long been reserved for an auto hire in France, which repeatedly confirmed by the reviews of thousands of customers who have had recourse to these services online via

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For the receipt of the car the main driver, on whose name is made an agreement of rent, in addition to personal documents such as passports and driver’s license must be in possession of a credit card in his name.

For the payment of services, keep in mind that is held also a deposit calculated in the event of any damage of vehicle or for any unforeseen costs, such as for fuel or the other. Upon completion of the rental period amount will be returned in full, subject to all regulations of the contract.

There are certain requirements for the driver’s license. More often is required one of international standard, especially if the original is issued in a language different than the Latin alphabet, such as Chinese, Arabic, Russian and others.

If there is a necessity of making some modification you can do it using a number of your reservation or by contacting our operators, without incurring any additional costs.

But you must bear in mind that the change in the order may change the total cost if you made adjustments in such detail as the length of the lease or the type of vehicle.

We have always offered rates, in which already accounted the taxes and insurance costs and no hidden costs you should expect to spot.

Create yourself a trip of your dreams with using a vehicle renting in France by Naniko!

The first inhabitants of the land, now known as France were Celtic tribes of the Gauls, and the settlements were here 2,500 years ago.

Today, France is inhabited by about 63 million people, and this fact makes it the third most densely inhabited country in Europe. The official language is French, albeit it is not the only one because there are also a variety of dialects.

The French are famous for their patriotism and make every effort to preserve and pass on generations their history and culture. The French are very hospitable and friendly.

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