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Northern country Finland is composed of islands, peninsulas and small islands. It provides many interesting places to visitors. Beautiful architectural structures demonstrate the style of Renaissance, Art Nouveau and Classicism. There are many attractive beaches with emerald waters, and a variety of fun activities that can inspire people of all ages. The country is also known for a huge number of saunas, which confirms the special love of the Finns to paired baths.

There are different ways to enjoy the journey along the roads of Finland. Any kind of public transportation at your disposal, but if you really want to get the maximum from your trip, you should hire a car in Finland, which will give you more opportunities to be close to numerous attractions, also master the many scenic routes.

Make your visit a memorable one with the help of rent a car in Finland, get the best conditions from Naniko!

To ensure a greater comfort and safety may also choose accessories, such as ski racks, security chain, navigation, child seats and more. The cost of devices may be paid directly to our office.

If desired, you can specify an additional driver during your trip, providing with his documents. Driving the car by any other person would be considered illegal.

For all our cars we offer unlimited mileage in disposition of which you can learn the best routes, without worrying about the cost of kilometers.

Information is always available from our courteous operators, and you can count on technical support from the company in unforeseen road situations.

Our competitive prices are always provided with full auto insurance, and already taken into account all taxes.

Apart from the standard packages, you can always choose additional services such as transfer from the airport to any address, the services of professional drivers and more.

The greatest variety of services for the best price from Naniko for vehicle renting in Finland!

The population of Finland is about 5 million people, 92% of whom Finnish speakers. In the 70s there was a tendency of immigration abroad and more than 500 thousand people went to live in Sweden, although in the following years, half of them returned to their homeland. Finland is a quite religious country where the overwhelming majority belongs to the Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Finnish culture was affected by Lapland, Sweden and Russia. Art and entertainment are significant to the Finns, and so there throughout the year organizes various events and concerts.

Finns are adherents of the old traditions and strong family relationships and give a great importance to equality and justice.

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