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Auto rental in the Czech Republic. The best deals of rent a car with Naniko

This land is a splendid choice for a pleasant stay here. This is a wonderful country with beautiful nature offers unforgettable landscapes, distinguished by vast forests, hills and high mounts. Depending on your intentions, you can enjoy here a memorable hiking and cycling, or organize a camping holiday near water sources. In the towns of the nation you can see a lot of temples, palaces and castles, especially in the capital. Apart from the fact that in the country is an abundance of historical monuments, it is also surprisingly modern country and compared with other countries of Europe, first of all, inexpensive in terms of tourism.

Among the actual and popular services for leisure or business trip should be noted rental of cars in the Czech Republic. As the majority of customer reviews on the site of, we offer the best spectrum of services and the lowest fares, allowing to save a significant amount and not to sacrifice your comfort of movement.

Use the sophisticated system of services for the lowest prices on auto hire in the Czech Republic, suggested by Naniko!

There are a number of regulations when hiring a car, which we would like to let know our clients and which include a fuel option policy.

Most functional are the options of full-full-full or full-empty; at first, getting a car with a full forecastle, you must return in the same state, and the second – taking the car with a full tank you just pay the cost of fuel in the office and refund it with an empty reservoir.

Assistive devices, such as navigation systems, child seats, luggage basket, and another to be ordered apart and can be paid in our office.

If you have a need to amend the order or cancel it, try to make it two days before the starting of the lease, in this case it will be free of charge.

For a car pick up you will need to provide the necessary documents for registration of the lease contract, the voucher of your reservation, payment and deposit – the amount required for incidental expenses, such as mechanical damage or fuel expenses.

Enjoy your beautiful trip with a vehicle hired in the Czech Republic at the best tariffs from Naniko!

The populace of the country is about 10 million inhabitants. Czechs are mostly Catholics, a minority profess Protestantism, there are also Jews, Buddhists and Muslims. But a large part are atheists.

Czech Republic is renowned for its historical monuments, there are more than 2,700 palaces and castles and many beautiful Gothic cathedrals. Some towns such as Telc, Cesky Krumlov and others are part of world heritage. You can also discover a variety of theaters and museums.

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