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Rent a car in Croatia. The best conditions of auto rental by Naniko

Croatia is situated in the southern part of Europe, in the proximity of the Adriatic Sea, has a very diverse area, including a geographic area such as zone of Adriatic, Dinaric Alps mountain range and the plains area of ​​the Pannonian Plain .
The climate of the country varies from Mediterranean to temperate continental and alpine, according to a geographical area.

A reasonable solution to hire a car in Croatia will give you a lot of opportunities and benefits in terms of costs and efficiency of your trip. You can visit many historical monuments, castles and fortresses, surrounded by stunning sceneries. You can also discover the places of the Roman period of history, magnificent monuments of Pula, the Roman forum in Zadar, or the Palace of Diocletian in Split. Working team of Naniko will help you find the right car for your enjoyable trip.

If you intend to fully discover the country, use the car rental in Croatia for the best prices by Naniko!

When filling out the application form for the beginning specify the desired location of car pick up, the dates and period time that you’d like to lease a car. Our system will give you all the options available and you can easily choose from a list your desired car.

In the booking form, you must also specify the personal data of the driver, the information that will be stored in our database for further processing of the lease contract.

There is also a possibility to choose additional options, which include seats for children, navigators, luggage baskets and much more. These accessories should always be ordered separately and in due time, since demand for them is quite large.

If you have specific questions you can always contact our skilled operators who will provide you with detailed information.

Among the additional services you can choose the service of professional drivers from the company, with good command of all local routes and speaking one or two foreign languages.

Prices are always available to you with included taxes and car insurance.

Beautiful historic towns and monuments, parks and nature reserves within easy reach by vehicle rented in Croatia from Naniko!

In addition to the beautiful capital, it should be noted an attractive city of Dubrovnik, disposed in Dalmatia, surrounded by walls over 25 kilometers of length and includes 16 towers with a height of which can observe the magnificent views of the crystal clear sea. Croatia is also famous for an abundance of parks and nature reserves, among which is the National Park if Plitvice Lakes. There are 16 lakes connected by waterfalls. In the park there are also several caves, forests, flowering fields and water sources. The park is a natural habitat for many species of animals threatened with extinction.

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