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Auto rental in Copenhagen and the special conditions of rent a car by Naniko

Copenhagen can be analogized with a beautiful diamond inlaid in the charming green parks, an abundance of which ranks the city among the most green places in the world. A very distinctive style of quarters and high attention to culture, have turned the metropolis of Denmark in one of the most visited places in Europe. Among the attractions of the city are gardens and the renowned statue of the Little Mermaid, but also attractive are picturesque villages and suburbs.

That is why, for many reviews of travelers have visited these places, we can safely say that it’s best to use auto renting in Copenhagen to move independently on any spectacular terrain. It should be noted that in Copenhagen, mainly as a means of transport used bike, but to achieve the suburbs and beautiful sceneries, comfortable to use the machine.

Reliable and flexible service of auto hired in Copenhagen at economical rates by Naniko!

By filling out the request form on our web-site and specified all the required details, you will get a list of all the available cars in the desired period, where you can easily choose the specific model.

Among the various options you can choose initially the delivery of the car at a specific address or place of arrival.

Upon receipt of the machine you have to leave the amount of the deposit as a guarantee in case of any mechanical damages, the cost of fuel or the other. The amount will be fully refunded at the end of the lease, subject to all the rules of the contract.

Do not worry if you have a need to change your order. To do this, you can free 48 hours before the start of the lease, change the model of the car, period or duration of your order.

The reliability of our services is also emphasized by the stability of our prices, which initially also include all local taxes and insurance costs, which means that they will not increase with the addition of hidden costs.

There are some instances of special offers and promotions in which you can get a free accessory, but at any other time devises as navigator. baby chairs or other are optional service and should be ordered and paid separately.

Explore the many new routes on a vehicle rented in Copenhagen, with the benefit of unlimited mileage by the company Naniko!

The Danish capital is full of lovely shops where you can buy interesting souvenirs. The local historical monuments praising the rich architecture and at the museums you can see artifacts from the Paleolithic. Tivoli Gardens were created in the mid-nineteenth century, with the clear intention to create a space for entertainment. Indeed, there can perfectly relax both adults and children.

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