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Car rental in Cologne. Useful details about rent a car from Naniko

Cologne was based about 50 AD by Romans and the city is rich of history. It is placed on the banks of the Rhine and offers a variety of fascinating attractions, including its majestic Cathedral with cupolas, which is a part of the World Heritage. Moreover of the incomparable cultural monuments and the famous eau de toilette, Cologne is also renowned for its carnival, which is celebrated annually in a grand style. Here is very pleasant climate throughout the year.

For those who decide to visit this city for various reasons, the best selection is to rent an auto in Cologne, when there is the pleasure of the trip will be guaranteed. You will be within easy access of all places, be able to visit the Roman ruins and the Basilica, also explore the fascinating historic center, which was rebuilt after the war. Do not miss also the old market square with its Gothic Town Hall and the building of Gürzenich Overstolzenhaus.

Your journey begins with the perfect auto rental in Cologne at the most economical rates by Naniko!

Regarding the driver’s license must be very provident in case if it is not issued in Latin. You will need likewise the presence of one of international standard. Copies of the documents is not be accepted.

Pre-booking on our website can be done for free, so as the change or cancellation, but always necessary to make it at least two days prior the start date of the lease.

Prices received by us already include insurance costs, taxes, and you will be granted with a no limit mileage and free roadside assistance.

The presence of numerous offices in various countries allows us to give our customers the possibility to travel in any direction without the need to return the car exactly to the start point. You can return it to the nearest rent point of our company.

It is also possible to travel to another country by our cars, with a preliminary agreement and obtaining special permission.

You can also indicate the additional chauffeur with the presentation of his personal documents and he will automatically have the same responsibilities as the main driver.

Always when renting a car, there are restrictions on age, in particular, the tenant, the same driver must be at least 21 years and with the practice of driving at least two years.

Whatever your purpose of visit with car rented in Cologne from Naniko you can master any way!

Got its fame for the beautiful architecture and monuments, and its location in the heart of Europe, Cologne also features a huge warmth and friendliness of its inhabitants. It is hard not to make new friends, sitting in a cozy bar with a glass of Kölsch. This famous beer drink is traditionally served in small and narrow glasses.

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