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Car rental in Cagliari, Sardinia. Rent a car of low cost by Naniko

The magnificent city of Cagliari is a mixture of culture, history and stunning natural sceneries that inspires to visit it. Acquaintance with the city starts with the numerous Roman ruins and archaeological beauty of Cagliari, including the Roman amphitheater, the cave of the Viper, Fullonica and Villa Tigellio and othe. Also recommended itineraries in the overhead part of the old town, with medieval buildings, especially the strengthening of Pisa and bastions from which you can marvel the views of the city. For lovers of museums here are a huge variety of art galleries, archaeological and ethnographic museums and exhibitions of relics.

Sardinia is an island of indescribable beauty, which is easily possible to visit using a car rented in Cagliari. In the same time, it is a good decision if you desire to travel to the sea littoral.

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If your stay is targeted at longer term, in the variety of our services, you can choose a long-term rental of cars and commercial vehicles, which will save a considerable amount of your capital and provide a hassle-free use of vehicles.

If this lease includes the following services:
Full car insurance and property taxes
Roadside assistance, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance and replacement of tires.

Rental cost in this case is fixed and determined by the term of the contract, brand and model of car, the additional services that you include in your inquiry.

Advantages of this leasing are obvious, you always have at your disposal a new car without the need for investment and convenient for you the terms of cooperation.

In addition, there are options to any desired period of time ranging from hourly and to any time period.

From the company you are always have an available unlimited mileage and roadside assistance and our low prices include taxes and insurance.

The range of additional devices that can be ordered separately, including child seats, Navigators, baskets for luggage and more.

Immerse yourself in the magical world of the island on auto hired in Cagliari provided by Naniko!

In Cagliari each visitor will find something exciting to its taste and interests. Strolling in the Marina, once inhabited by fishermen and traders, but now overcrowded of houses, historical buildings and shops of all kind, in the local restaurants you can degust traditional dishes of fish, shellfish soup with mullet and catfish in sauce and drink a glass of fragrant Malvasia or Nuragus.

Fans of the beach holiday will not be disappointed by visiting the beaches Poetto, with a nine-kilometer coastline.

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