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Rent a Car in Budapest. The best deals on car rental from Naniko

This city is called the pearl of the Danube and disposed in the heart of Central Europe. Budapest has gone through different stages during its past, from the suffering of the war until communism regalia. But in spite of everything, Budapest gradually returns to its former glory and attracts an interest of many visitors. It is among the most fascinating capitals of Europe and renowned for its thermal waters and architectural beauty.

As much interesting can offer the place that you are visiting, as much it is necessary to have a convenient means of travel such as car for rent in Budapest, allowing you to explore the city more fully, tirelessly and in complete comfort. The preferred time of travel is usually the summer, because there is quite a harsh winter.

Whatever the purpose of your trip with auto rented in Budapest from Naniko you will be able to carry out any wildest routes!

Starting your booking process, enter your destination and the length of time for which you want to hire a car.

After entering all the data, you can also specify the preferred place of pick up the vehicle, i.e. the address of delivery at the place of your arrival or stay.

During the searching process of the right car, you can always narrow your search by using a series of filters, specifying further details of the desired car.

Also, in your reservation form, you must enter the personal details of the driver. Any your information will be stored in the database of our company and is protected by a special system of security.

Also in module of booking is possible to specify additional options, what could be the auxiliary accessories, additional driver, a professional chauffeur service or another.
The list of assistive devices include child seats, luggage baskets, snow chains, navigators and more.

If you have questions, you can always get expert information support from our amiable operators.

Prices, provided by our company always contain the cost of insurance and taxes, also you get an unlimited mileage and free road assistance in unforeseen problems.

Perfect service and low rates on vehicle rental in Budapest from Naniko, will be the key of your entertaining trip!

The town is formed by combining two parts Buda and Pest, between which is the river Danube. Passing along the Danube, you can see the 8 bridges, among which the most famous is the Chain Bridge, opened in 1849, which is located near the famous Parliament building with white spires and red dome. Continuing the way you will arrive to Margarita Island, one of the three islands, through which the Danube passes, crossing the city. There is a large park with sports facilities and swimming pools, gyms and many bicycle paths.

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