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Brussels is the perfect place for an exciting holiday, where you can admire a mixture of different cultures, rich history and the building of the European Parliament. The Belgian metropolis offers visitors many impressive buildings, winding streets and magnificent collections of art in exhibitions and museums. The town is very multifaceted, where you can see a synthesis of past and present, it is a dynamic and fashionable place in any season. Brussels is separated into districts, each of which lives with its own rhythm and style.

Brussels is also a very open and hospitable, where knows how to welcome guests come here for business issue or pleasure. The effective way to discover the city and surrounding areas in all their glory is an auto hire in Brussels, that allows you to explore all the art treasures, architectural values and open green spaces of the city.

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Brussels was founded in the seventh century on the intersection of significant land and sea routes and in the following centuries was developed in the field of trade. In the 14th centenary the city became the reign of the Dukes of Brabant, then moved under the rule of the Dukes of Burgundy, and two centuries later, under the rule of the Spaniards, became the capital of the Netherlands.

Today everywhere in Brussels you can hear both the French and the Dutch language, and the names of streets and squares are given in both languages.

The most visited in Brussels is Grand Place on the central square and Place du Grand Sablon, with the dominant church of Notre Dame du Sablon.

Every weekend morning, you can visit the famous market of antiques and art books.

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