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Bratislava is amongst the most beautiful metropolis of the continent, displays and combines the charm of Eastern Europe. The capital of Slovakia, although it has undergone various stages of economic and industrial development, yet has retained its old and delightful baroque style. This city has always been heavily visited by tourists, and especially was a point of unity and communication between the peoples of Austria and Hungary. This and many other attractive facts gave a potent impetus to the growth of tourism.

Visitors to Bratislava are always covered by the spirit of enthusiasm, because it seems peerless gem, both beautiful and tender.

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The period of the Iron Curtain has long been a distant memory, and then Bratislava experienced a significant boost of enhancement and openness to new ideas. The most important historical heritage and long-lasting nature of the city is still preserved and is an integral part of it.

The old town is perfectly preserved. You cannot miss the chance to visit Bratislava Castle on the Danube, where there is a very exciting atmosphere. You can also see the most popular museums and buildings in the Rococo style, such as Primate’s Palace, and others that convert this part to the open-air museum.


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