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Car Rental in Bologna. The best offers of auto renting by Naniko

As the center of Emilia-Romagna, Bologna can be considered an ideal destination for any type of holiday, whether it is the desire to immerse yourself in acquaintance of the cultural and historical heritage, or the intention of the unforgettable moments of relaxation and rest.

The territory of Bologna stretches from the southern part of the Po valley and up to the reliefs of the Apennines.

For the issue of comprehensively cover all places of this beautiful city and the vicinity of region, the ideal solution of moving would be a car rented in Bologna, which will provide the optimal comfort and independence. This ancient university city is renowned for its towers and arcades, by its old town, the second largest one in Europe after Venice.

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Bologna can be described as a metropolis of innovation where, while the historic center retains in a medieval style with a 40 km long covered footpath, it is full of museums, theaters, cinemas, more than 200 libraries, and clubs and restaurants provide a lively nightlife.

The city’s history dates back to the Etruscan civilization, at which it called Felsina and was under the influence of Gallic culture, until becoming a Roman colony. During the Renaissance, there was observed the flowering of different dominations.

On the model of the medieval city is clearly apparent the style of ancient Roman structures.

The city offers to visitors many monuments testifying to its past, as for example a wall surrounding the central zone, of 1300 and has 12 gates.

The symbols of the town are the two towers: Asinelli of 98 meters high and Garisenda of 48 meters. They were mentioned in Dante’s work.

The monumental complex of Piazza Maggiore include palaces of Podesta and of king Enzo, the Town Hall and the Basilica of St. Petronius, relating to 1390.

The hreat variety of artistic and cultural events that can satisfy all tastes of visitors.

The theaters of the city, such as the Arena del Sole, you can visit a variety of performances, from classical to modern authors.

To the south of the city, just a few minutes of driving, you can see the monumental architectural structures as houses, churches and monasteries, including the church of San Michele and the Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin of San Luca.

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