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Auto Rental in Berlin. Rent a car with greater amenities from Naniko

Today Berlin is a significant center of political and economic life of the nation, also a specific symbol of progress for the whole of Europe. Particular progress flourishing began with the downfall of the Berlin Wall. This huge city is parted into 12 districts, where in recent decades there have been many changes, even the change of street names. The historic core was in the part of the former East Berlin and now coincides with the borough of Mitte, where are the variety of shops, restaurants, and some of the major monuments of the capital. The symbol of Berlin is the Brandenburg Gate, the architectural look that is inspired by the style of the Acropolis in Athens. In the period when the Berlin was divided into two parts, the gates were surrounded by a strip of land and was considered neutral.

For a convenient visit of this huge city, the company Naniko offers a broad choice of modern vehicles and the preferable range of service packages for rental cars in Berlin. Just provide us with the details of your needs and we can offer you the type of vehicle that best suit your style of travel.

Save your time and money and get the most auspicious terms from Naniko on car rental in Berlin!

Having in disposition the advantage of unlimited mileage from our company, you can choose any attractive for you routes without having to pay for the kilometers traveled.

Our pricing system is always clear and transparent, bidding with taxes included and the cost of insurance, without any hidden costs.

The period of lease can be very different from one day to several months. To do this, we also have convenient and efficient packages of short and long-term lease, one way rental and another.

Reception of the vehicle can be done in any out office, or the machine can be delivered at the address that most beneficial for you.

Additional accessories such as chairs for children, luggage baskets, snow chains, navigators, etc. available via out site, and in place.

Always carry your passport and driver’s license for registration of the contract, and throughout the period of the lease.

Receive special conditions and ideal prices for vehicle hire in Berlin from the company Naniko!

Berlin is home to about three million people and is the largest metropolis in Europe with an active cultural and artistic life. Every year millions of tourists visit Berlin to admire its futuristic architecture, numerous museums, theaters and also various cultural events such as the Berlinale. In addition, from here you can also go to other neighbouring towns, as Dresden or Hamburg.

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