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Car Hire at Berlin Schönefeld Airport. Low cost auto rental with Naniko

Berlin, being the capital of the vast country, is also the home of numerous monuments of the rich history of Germany, which attracts countless visitors here each year. Those who planned to explore, not only Berlin, but also the surrounding areas will likely make the first stop to the south-west of the city at the famous Wannsee lake. The lake is a recreational area with a beautiful nature and a few beaches. Then you can head to the town of Potsdam, where there is a delightful castle Sanssouci with a huge park surrounding it.

In Berlin, there are two main airport, the second largest of which is the Schönefeld airport, primarily located in East Germany before unification. Those travelers who chose the beginning of their journey from the eastern part and landed here, it would be reasonable to continue their journey via car rented at the airport Schön efeld. So you will easily be able to admire the architectural wonders of Berlin, churches and cathedrals, a memorial to the Holocaust, Charlotte burg Palace and more.

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You always get our prices with included taxes and insurance also an unlimited mileage and technical assistance for the road problems.

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If your trip falls on the winter, do not miss the sight of the pre-order the winter accessories. So, for example, the presence of snow chains can be an indispensable service at ice.

In addition to greater convenience and even necessary from a security standpoint, we always warn our customers that the use of chains is also associated with certain attendant circumstances. Namely, you will need to reduce the speed of displacement and fuel efficiency will also be reduced.

Keep in mind that in the current period, the additional devices may be much in demand and so it is always advisable to book in advance.

Provide yourself with a guaranteed way by the comfort of vehicle hire at the airport of Berlin by Naniko!

Berlin Schönefeld Airport is also known as Flughafen Schönefeld or Brandenburg is disposed in the center of Berlin. Airport has four terminals. Before the fall of the Berlin Wall, it was a largest one in eastern Germany. Today, being the smaller of the two existing airports, it serves more than 7 million passengers a year.

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