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Rent a car in Barcelona Airport of El Prat. Suggestions for low-cost car rental from Naniko

Barcelona is an autonomous community of Catalonia, also the capital of the province. In terms of population Barcelona is second after Madrid. The special flourishing of tourism was determined due to the presence of a significant port, which is one of the largest marinas in Europe. Here dominates the Mediterranean mild climate. Strolling through the streets, you can discover its ancient origins, which vividly convey by the Roman ruins and also dating from the Middle Ages areas with beautiful alleys.

The rich heritage of the city is much more pleasant viewing in complete independence moving in selected areas by the car rented from Barcelona Airport. It will be easy to visit various museums, parks and have an access to numerous beaches. For gourmets and simply for those who like to eat tasty Catalan cuisine offer colorful dishes such as the classic paella, tapas, spaghetti with pork, esqueixada bacallà – salad with cod and vegetables and much more.

The best solution for your mobility will provide the company Naniko with interest rates of auto rental at the airport of Barcelona! provide you with the greatest benefits at the lowest prices, which are already taken into account the cost of insurance and taxes.

There are no hidden costs, and about the price of additional services you are always informed in advance that will give you a free choice.
Your model of car you can choose among a broad spectrum of our own vehicle fleet. We offer in your disposition starting from small economical cars and ending with the elite models for special events or business meetings.
Quickly complete a reservation through the online form on our website, you immediately upon arrival will be able to get a car at the airport, pre-specified desired point of delivery.

Having the offices in different cities, we are able to provide our customers with the opportunity to return the vehicle in any other place, without necessity to return to the starting point of your trip.

Discover the beautiful places of Catalonia possible in complete comfort on vehicle rented at Barcelona airport from Naniko!

El Prat Airport is placed 12 km away from the Catalan capital. According to its terms of passenger traffic it is the second one after the Madrid airport. It annually serves more than 24 million passengers. Three terminals are interconnected via pedestrian bridges. Hence, there is an excellent rail connection to Barcelona, ​​and trains depart every half hour. Even there are no hotels in the airport can be found its sufficient quantity in the surrounding area.
The terminals has a large number of shops and restaurants; and for business people provided a conference room and services of VIP-lounges. Standard range of services offered at each terminal, and there is a hall with various exhibitions.

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