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Rent a car in Baku. The best offers of auto rental from Naniko

The capital of Azerbaijan Baku is disposed on the Apsheron Peninsula and has access to the Caspian Sea. The historic center of the city, thanks to a priceless cultural monuments in included in the list of world heritage. Here are the Turkish baths, amusement parks, modern shopping malls, bars and beaches where you can relax in the sun. In short, any visitor will find here entertainment responding of their taste.

Every year, the country, and especially its capital, is visited by thousands of foreigners who come here for the purpose of business, and some for relaxing and interesting excursions. And, as practice shows, in most cases, the preferred means of travel for any purpose, is a car rental in Baku. When you use the vehicle, you are free without restrictions and depending on the schedule of public transport, can reach any target trails.

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In some countries, the international driving license is required by the authorities, and in its absence on the road can cause problems, including the confiscation of the vehicle. Therefore, we recommend to have it in presence.

You can take the car in one place and, if your plans do not include a return to the original point, return it to a different location, by prior agreement with the company.

We give you the tariffs already with comprised a full car insurance, all local taxes, as well as you get unlimited mileage and free roadside assistance in the event of an unexpected breakdown.

We also provide a choice of assistive devices for convenience or safety, such as children’s car seats, snow chains, navigator and other. Payment can be made directly in the office.

There are several possible options for fuel, such as a full-full, in which you receive the car with a full tank, you agree to return it with the same quantity of fuel.

The range of our fleet has a variety of means of transport of any characteristics such as gasoline and diesel, with automatic or manual transmissions, and more.

Travel without limits throughout the expanses of the land on vehicle rented in Baku at the best rates from Naniko!

The urban conglomerate of Baku can be divided in three regions, radically different from each other, which can be defined as follows: the old city of Baku, town of Soviet period and modern Baku. Among the main attractions you can highlight the medieval Palace of the Shirvanshahs and Maiden Tower.
In areas of the Soviet era, you can see the typical monumental buildings and massive structures.
In Baku, you can visit the many museums, among which is the interesting Museum of national costumes. For those wishing to have a sunbathe are accessible the comfortable beaches with good infrastructure.

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