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Auto renting in Azerbaijan. Rent a car at best rates with Naniko

Azerbaijan is inhabited by 9 million people and is the country famous for its production of oil that has been discovered since the Middle Ages. The country has partly a mountain landscape, the highest peaks of which reach 4500 and 3700 m altitude. The Caspian Sea makes a natural frontier from the east. There are nine different climatic zones ranging from temperate to subtropical.

Move freely around the country during your travel is possible by using services of car hire in Azerbaijan. Access to the best prices on the services will provide the company Naniko. By car, you can go lengthways of the waterfront of the Caspian Sea, which is the largest undrained lake in the world, or as it is called an inland sea, placed 28 meters below sea level.

Huge opportunities of interesting discoveries with the facilities of auto rental in Azerbaijan from Naniko!

To carry out the rent there are certain conditions, the tenant must 21 years old with the practice of driving of two years, present a passport, a driver’s license with the sufficient validity and have a credit card.

Although the international driver’s license is not required in general, in particular cases when the it is issued in a language other than the Latin alphabet, you must have it of international standard.

The developed network of offices and representatives of our company allows us to provide with the possibility o get auto in one place and refund it in another, as it will be convenient according to your route.

We offer rates for rent, including full car insurance with civil liability to third parties, damage reduction (CDW), taxes, unlimited mileage and road assistance.

There are additional services, payment of which is carried out separately, for example for auxiliary accessories, what are the navigators, child chairs, luggage baskets, ski holders and snow chains.

The fuel is regulated according to several policy options that would be most acceptable for both sides. So, for example, option of full prepaid intends taking a car with a full tank, for which you pay initially and can return the car with an empty fuel reservoir.

Depending on your needs, we can provide from our fleet range of specific models of different characteristics, ranging from the economical and compact cars and SUVs to roomy minivans.

Explore the country without restrictions on vehicle hired in Azerbaijan provided by Naniko!

On the Absheron peninsula is possible to visit many castles and historical sites of great interest, there are also preserved the cult of Zoroaster Temple, built in ancient times. In Gobustan can be admired the rock paintings of the age of 4000 years , telling about the old times and the history of inhabitation of the country.

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