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Rent a car in Astana. Best deals of car rental at low rates from Naniko

The today capital of Kazakhstan, Astana, placed on the river Ishim, has a distinctive charm and is a true collection of modern architecture. In the central square of Astana one can see an abundance of shops, bars and restaurants, built in recent years and, in general, the city greatly changed its appearance became more cosmopolitan. Here you can spend pleasant hours in the museums, where perfectly represented the history and traditions of the nation. Although the city is still in the process of renovations, speaking allegorically, in a state of chrysalis, already now are clearly looming the colorful butterfly wings, in which is destined to be transformed Astana.

Because everyone wants to organize their stay here in the best way, most prefer to rent an auto in Astana as means of movement. And it is quite justified and reasonable choice, as it allows at any time to leave behind the busy city life and go to the bosom of nature, in search of the most beauteous places.

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Thanks to the flexibility and rational approach to the needs of our customers without any problem, we go to meet any of your needs and if your plans or travel itinerary changed, you can easily change or delete your order up to 48 hours car receiving.

The safety of our customers is just as important for us as for them. Therefore, we provide a range of auxiliary accessories like child seats, snow chains, luggage basket, navigators, and more.

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Astana is growing and gradually burgeoning metropolis, which is planned to be completely reorganized in 2030. It simply created a paradise for lovers of modern architecture. Because of the income from oil resources, there appeared the opportunity to engage in the reconstruction of the city of the great world-class designers, such as Kisho Kurokawa, Norman Foster, Manfredi Nicoletti and others. With car rented in Astana, will be easier and more comfortable for you to visit the impressive Baiterek Tower with a huge golden sphere on top, the Pyramid of the Peace and other attractions.

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