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Rent a car at the airport in Sofia. Auto Rental and special conditions by Naniko

Located in the western part of Bulgaria, Sofia is built in a valley surrounded by mountains and from the ancient times it was a strategic location at the crossroads of routes connecting Central Europe with the Black and Aegean Seas.

The capital is also the economic center of the country with developed sectors of metallurgy, textile, rubber, leather and electronics. There is also home to many financial institutions. Notwithstanding the fact that dominant part of tourism in Bulgaria is undistracted on the coast, also the significant interest and the flow of visitors noted in Sofia.

Auto hire at Sofia airport is the most convenient and economical means of travel as confirmed by the numerous reviews of travelers with more experience on our site of You can easily visit the most preferred for you places of the capital, to join the way of life of neighborhoods, with no feeling of discomfort and not depending on travel schedules of public transportation.

The most economical fares and special deals for car rented at airport of Sofia by Naniko!

Although winter tires we provide free of charge, due to the season, there are a number of accessories for the comfort and safety that must be ordered and paid for separately, according to your needs, such as snow chains, navigators, luggage baskets, ski holders and more.

At your query we can deliver a car in the desired location, or arrival point, for example at the airport, and is desired to specify your flight details in order to be aware of in case of flight delays or cancellations.

Categories of vehicles in our fleet are diverse, ranging from small and economical cars and up to the roomy minivans, cars with different specifications.

Once book, you might ask about the method of payment that we leave to your choice, or by transfer or directly at our office when pick up the car.

Regarding the fuel options there re the version of dull-full, at which you receive and return the car with a full tank, and a full-empty, get a car with a full tank and pay for it at our office and return the car with an empty reservoir.

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