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Rent a Car in International Airport of Kiev from Naniko

Kiev since ancient times was named the mother city and, in fact, from here originated the peoples of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia, whose ancient history can be traced back in this city, which today is a beautieous European city. Kiev had experienced a lot of troubles and tribulations in its past, from the numerous fires, the Mongol invasions, and up to the horrific destruction during World War II. But nowadays, the wonderful metropolis of Ukraine attracts many visitors. Its historical part is unmatched for its architecture and monuments, among which take the significant place the Cathedral of St. Sophia, built in the 11th centenary.

Coming by air travelers, initially will arrive into one of two international airports of the city, and as a way to continue their tour, the most effective way would be auto renting at the airport Borispol. Moving by car you can easily overpower any route, exploring in the full independence and tranquility the urban streets or the surrounding area.

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The flexibility of our system of services allows you quickly and easily make the necessary changes in your order or remove it if necessary, without any penalty, 48 hours before getting the car.

There is a high level of security on our website where your details and the booking process is protected with a special encryption method.

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International Airport of Borispol in Kieb is a major civilian airport in Ukraine, and is placed in the small same named town, 29 km away from the capital. Hence, the majority of international flights are carried out from here, also are a number of domestic flights. Since the presence of only terminal has not been sufficient to cope with the ever increasing traffic, several reorganizations were carried out in several stages of its expansion

Today it is a modern airport, offering a full range of services to travelers. But there are also several projects for further expansion with the construction of new terminals.

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