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Find the best car rental at the airport in Belgrade. Compare offers of rent a car with Naniko

In recent years, amongst the popular for tourism cities of South-Eastern Europe Belgrade is listed in the leading positions. Additionally to the historical and cultural wealth, Belgrade is famous for fine restaurants and lively nightlife. At any time you can feel the vivacious vibration of the streets. Here it is impossible not to notice the abundance of warmth and friendliness of the locals. Among the landmarks of Belgrade should be noted Nikola Tesla Museum dedicated to the works of the eccentric scientist, famous for his discovery of alternating current. Kids and adults love this museum where they learn more about science.

Good location of the Belgrade Airport contributes to consider it as the perfect place to start a pleasant journey or business trip. Having a car rented at the airport in Belgrade, you can immediately head to explore the area. This will also save for you a considerable amount of your budget.

Discover the ease and comfort of travel if there is an auto rented from the Belgrade airport at low rates from Naniko!

The total value of the lease takes into account the following services:

Price of hired car for the entire period conditioned in the lease contract.

Compulsory car insurance and all taxes.

Unlimited mileage

Effective assistance in case of problems on the road.

There are certain rules regarding fuel policy and, as a usually, the issue by consent of both parties is regulated accordingly option full – full, that means taking a car with a full fuel reservoir and return it in the same condition. Also available other options.

The car can be returned to any office of rent of our company as it will be convenient to your route. In addition, in our cars can cross the border of the country and refund the machine there, by prior arrangement.

A broad selection of complementary services and accessories such as luggage baskets, ski racks, navigators, child seats and more, is offered for your convenience and security, and is available in our offices.

No matter how long is your way, with a vehicle rental at the Belgrade airport by Naniko, it will be a real pleasure!

International Airport named after Nikola Tesla often referred to as the airport of Surcin, under the name of the town, near which it is disposed. During the period of its existence, the airport has undergone many renovations. There are two terminals that serve domestic and international flights.

From the airport there is a railway connection with Belgrade, which is 18 km away, but every hour parts a shuttle bus.

In the terminals are no hotels, but offered a variety of services for the convenience of travelers. Here are offered a number of shops and places where you can have a tasty lunch or just sit with a cup of coffee, waiting for your flight. Business people can use the services of VIP-halls with all necessary attributes.


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