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With its million inhabitants, Zagreb is the most populous city in Croatia. There are two urban centers: the old town Gornji Grad, or upper part of the town of a medieval style with neo-Gothic cathedral, which is a symbol of the city and the church of San Marco, with roof covered with colored tiles, and modern Donji Grad. There is also a medieval tower Lotrščak, from which in the old days was shot out of a cannon at noon. Meanwhile, in a busy part of the city, Dornji Castle, you can visit the many museums. It is interesting to visit the marketplace Dolac, where you can buy fresh produce from farmers.

Even before the start of your trip, you can ensure yourself of the best means of travel, auto rented in Zagreb, that is, according to many travelers, the best and inexpensive means to date.

All the splendor of the country with easy access via car rental in Zagreb on ideal conditions by Naniko!

Your booking process begins with filling the application form and indication your destination and dates. For a list of available vehicles, you can easily choose the right car.

The next step could be a range of options, such as child seats, navigation, chains and more, you can also select and pay at our office.

To pick up your car you must present the voucher of booking, which contains information about your order, the original of driver’s license of the international standard, passport and credit card.

Minimum age for rental, typically 21 years, given the fact that the driving practice should be no less than two years.

If you are planning a trip to several cities and not return to the original point, you can return the car at the end point of your route, one of the many offices of our company.

One of our main goals and aspirations is to provide our customers with the best service and low prices, in which are already considered insurance costs and taxes.

The best deals available for vehicle hire in Zagreb provided to you by the company Naniko!

The beautiful capital of Croatia, Zagreb has always fascinated travelers with its architectural and cultural attractions and culinary wonders. Between visits of museums and art galleries, you can always enjoy a glass of wine and a delicious meal at the numerous cafes and restaurants. In fact, the city presents a mixed of architecture of strict Austro-Hungarian style with elegant and majestic palaces and decadent structures of the communist period.
The best period for visiting the Croatian capital is the spring and summer seasons, when the streets are teeming with people and come to life thanks to the various cultural festivals.

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